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Aims and Objectives

The Sorghum Forum is an Association of Members, established after disbandment of the Sorghum Board in 1997. The objectives of this Association are as follows:

  • To act in the interests of the Sorghum Industry and those of the community and to deal with such matters as may affect the common interests of the Members.
  • To act as a mouthpiece for the Sorghum Industry.
  • To consider and to motivate submissions to the Minister for statutory measures.
  • To recommend to the Sorghum Trust that funds be made available to be employed in the interest of the sorghum industry in terms of the objectives of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, 1996 (No. 47 of 1996).
  • To recommend to the Department of Agriculture any amendments to the quality standards/regulations.
  • To consider and to motivate research projects to be conducted in the interest of the Sorghum Industry.
  • To continuously keep all the Members informed regarding the progress and results of such projects.
  • To identify new information to be collected and to apply for statutory measures in this regard.
  • To keep the Members informed with regard to feedback on submissions to the Minister and other institutional developments.

Annually, the Sorghum Forum invites acknowledged research institutions to submit project proposals, which are evaluated by the Research Project Evaluation Committee (RPEC) of the Sorghum Forum. Proposals of the RPEC are considered by the Sorghum Forum for approval. Approved projects are then proposed to the Sorghum Trust for funding.